Shaman Tip Of The Week

//Shaman Tip Of The Week

Shaman Tip Of The Week

Is early October and we are already hearing about a cold and whooping cough going around the local area.

So please take action by boosting your immune system before you end up in bed for days.

Here is a simple and effective way you can do today (or spread over the course of the week if you feel lucky and healthy):

  1. Try to add 30- 45 minutes to your daily sleep time.
  2. Drink 2 12 ounces serving of lemon ginger tea.
  3. Cook or order Tom Yum Soup at your local thai restaurant. My preferred choice has always been Dang Thai.
  4. Soak your body in a warm bath with Epsom salt (nothing fancy) for 30-45 minutes before the end of the day.
  5. Get outside for 15 minutes or more throughout the day. This is imperative if your job requires you to sit for extended periods at a time where there is 3 or more people in the area.

So that is it. Simple and quite effective. But as always, it works if you actually do it before you start coughing your lungs out. Get after it and stay healthy for the upcoming pumpkin patches.

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