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Welcome to SW Portland’s Premiere Online Therapeutic Workout Studio & Coaching.
I want to take a briefly introduce myself so you can better understand the concept, philosophy and impact the Fitlab Method can provide you with.
My name is J. Carlos, and I am the owner and creator of the Fitlab Method.
After serving the local community for almost 10 years, I felt it was more beneficial to reach others that needed help and guidance to return to doing what they love in the outdoors after their injuries or physical setback.
By now you are well aware that the Fitlab Method strive on getting people like you clear and on the right path to get back in shape to create amazing and memorable active lifestyle experiences with their love ones.
And so yes, no beefcakes or lifting and so reps for the sake of it. Not here.
With 21 plus years of physical therapy practice, personal training experience,  fitness knowledge, and expertise the Fitlab Method is designed to guide you to what you consider your personal success.
After all, it is a personal services.
You will find that our online services are competitively priced with no membership dues or hidden fees.– only committment.
I also have a clear unorthodox way to accepting clients. In a nutshell it goes as follow:
  • You have a spark to get active and back in shape to share your time with your love ones.
  • You have the personality that incite us to have you at our dinner table. Yes, we like to eat and talk at the table.
  • You present with a physical limitation or injury that limits you from traditional gym workouts and need modifications.
  • You have the comittment to explore, work and navigate towards your personal success for at least 3 months.
I believe by creating & sharing The Fitlab Method our future generation health [ mental & physical ] will be rooted & nurture at home.
And so if we can lead you to be resilient, resourceful and committed to a better and more clear you…you will turn and pass that onto your next generation.
We call that The Healthier Generational Wealth Plan .
And since it takes a village to guide you along your way, I have been very fortunate over the years to add a fantastic group of wellness professionals to our J.Carlos Fitlab family that have continuously shared their expertise and services to better serve our clients and our community.
Lastly, living in the NW and loving it, has prompted me to participate in local outdoor events, hiking adventures, golf outings and much more of the fun with my 3 kids.
Thanks for visiting the Fitlab Method page and be sure to drop a “hello” in any of the social media platforms or inside the Fitlab Hub.
In Healthy Spirits,