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Welcome to J.Carlos Fitlab, the Premiere Personal Training & Coaching in SW Portland.

Before functional training and CrossFit, there was J.Carlos Fitlab -formerly known as TTN (Therapeutic Trainers Network). A place where folks with injuries or just finishing up rehab could go to get back in shape in order to resume their active lifestyle without aggravating their injuries..
Hi, name is J.Carlos and back in 1998 when I started noticing “frequent flyers” at the PT clinic, my idea to help others wanting to get back into their fun active lifestyle ignited.
You see, we called frequent flyers those patients that somehow keep injuring themselves throughout the year. And, unfortunately, the insurance companies would not consider their overall lifestyle and daily demands when recommending PT or other health-related services ( including massage).
And what started as a part-time in-home training with 4 clients, immediately evolved into a 1600 sq feet facility with over 70 clients.

Each client with different medical history and limitations but equal desire to get back to enjoy their fun active lifestyle.

Then in 2010, I realized that my PT skills and fitness specialist abilities were helping not only those with physical limitations but also primarily women with hormonal imbalances. That is when I decided to dive in and study more women’s health-related case studies just to find out that my theory was in fact correct. And that is, that workouts, when deliver in a proper sequence, can alter the hormonal levels in woman, which will lead to long term weight loss and more active lifestyle.

After delivering many hormone-based workout programs I felt compelled to help more women outside my local area while still crafting my coaching skills “in the lab”. And because I already knew that one size doesn’t fit all, I needed to continue to formulate the right hormone to workout sequences. And that’s about the time that Fitlab was born.

These past 4 years have not only amplified my vision to help more women that feel outta shape because their lifestyle, their hormones or perhaps past injuries, but it has allowed me to reach many others thanks to my online service and in-person Hybrid training.

So if you are looking for a trainer to count rep or just to get a good sweat on, I am not your guy. But if living a long term healthier 2.0 lifestyle than where you are currently at, Then Let’s Talk.