Our Fascinating Story

//Our Fascinating Story

Our Fascinating Story

Our J.Carlos Fitlab family (formerly TTN) began with a small group of dedicated clients, a few great friends, two medicine balls, three exercise tubes, and a Bosu Ball in the small workout facility of our townhouse community.  We soon realized that we were going to need a more adequate space to train our clients, so our first official studio space was the fitness facilities at The Avalon Hotel & Spa in SW Portland.  Working over the next few months to strengthen our niche in the Health & Fitness community gave us the courage to take our dream further and so J.Carlos Fitlab  was born.  We officially became TTN in 2004 and opened our own studio. Today TTN has evolved to  J.Carlos Fitlab at the current location to serve the greater Portland area.  We held strong to our dream of becoming a tool for our clients to help them achieve their optimal level of health & fitness, which has become our mission. 

Our head trainer J. Carlos brings over twenty one years of health and fitness experience to the training floor.  He has a keen eye for looking at the Mind, Body, Spirit connection and fusing the three in a way that uses his physical therapy techniques in combination with his personal training method to yield clients great
results.  It’s with that keen eye that we have been able to focus on injury prevention, pre & post rehab fitness, as well as successful weight loss programs for our clients to get them lasting results and get them performing
at their optimal best.

Our J.Carlos Fitlab family has grown over the years to include clients ranging in age from 16 all the way to 80 years young.  So there is no need to be intimidated when you come through our doors.  No matter what your fitness needs and wants are we will create a program that is suitable to you and that will help you achieve your
higher level of health and fitness and improve your day-to-day living.  We are completely confident that once you experience what we have to offer you will get hooked on Training Better for Life at 
J.Carlos Fitlab.

We strive to be an active part of the Portland community everyday and a resource to all who walk through our doors for a healthy and fulfilling life.  We have been very fortunate over the years to add a fantastic group of wellness professionals to our J.Carlos Fitlab family that have continuously shared their expertise and services to better serve our clients and our community.  We are also grateful to be able to give back to our community by regularly partnering up with local Family Resource Centers providing care to local low income families, as well as numerous local Non-Profit Organizations that help educate and provide cancer, Parkinson’s, diabetes, and MS treatment services to those in need.

Living in the NW and loving it, has prompted us to participate in local running events, hiking adventures, golf outings and much more of the fun stuff that happens outdoors.  So we just don’t train hard we also play hard and enjoy life to the fullest.  We thank God every day for all the blessings in our lives, our wonderful family, our supportive friends and our amazing clients.   We look forward to welcoming you to our 
J.Carlos Fitlab family and to many fun memories to come!

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