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Our Premiere Online J.Carlos Fitlab Therapeutic Training & Health Coaching

We May Be Second Best Among The Private Physiotherapy Facilities, But We Are The Leaders in Living Pain-Free While Losing Weight.

Our Training & Coaching Will Elevate Your Mindset & Guide You Every Step Of The Way To Get Back in Shape-

Even When You Are Miles Away…

Are You Ready?

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After 25 plus years of experience in physical therapy, personal training, and fitness expertise, our online therapeutic training & health coaching program gives you all the benefits of having your skillful personal trainer and knowledge of a physio at your fingertips when:

  • You go to your gym and want to raise your current workout to the next level to lose weight, look slim & feel firm.

  • You encounter an injury [ or even completed PT] and feel you are gaining weight or out of shape because of the setback.

  • Your hectic schedule feels out of control but yet you still want to lose fat and fit into a smaller size pants.

  • And much more!! Pablo b4andAfter

“Actions Speak Louder Than Words”.

This is one of our mantras to be sure we execute and deliver the exact program that will give you results. No guesswork, no sugar coating…We are based our service to you on results and commitment. Simply put, the more results we work together, the more committed you be to raise the bar- right?

Each our different packages are designed with results, commitment and a realistic timeframe in mind.

Are You Ready To Watch The Better Version of You Come Through Leaner, Healthier & Happier?

Our Premiere J.Carlos Fitlab Online Training & Coaching Packages are as follow:




You see, this all sounds pretty good, right?Our mission is to deliver results in a timely fashion giving your commitment to our therapeutic training & coaching systems.

WITH  THAT SAID, ONLINE TRAINING AND COACHING IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.  Don’t sign up for online training and coaching if:

  • You only hire a trainer to count your repetitions
  •  You’re just not passionate enough about taking your health and life adventures to the next level.
  •  You’re not willing to work hard and put in the effort in.
  •   You’re looking for a quick fix to look and feel great.
  • You’re happy paying your trainer to babysit you rather than coach you even when away.
  •  You’re not ready to be serious, even if you had a proven step-by-step action plan at your fingertips.

But if you do not resemble any of those above, then we are certain that J.Carlos Fitlab Online Training & Coaching  Is Right for You.  CLICK HERE TO APPLY TODAY!


Other gyms and fitness programs will dish out the same training packages and workout routines for everyone and anyone who signs up, just because it’s easier that way.But this is missing the point of servicing your need- Personal training and coaching! We want you to get the results.Then enjoy and share your amazing transformation with your friends and family. The feeling of accomplishment and consistency is contagious once you reach your first milestone. 


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