Get Your Summer Fit Bucket List…Are you and the kids all in yet?

//Get Your Summer Fit Bucket List…Are you and the kids all in yet?

Get Your Summer Fit Bucket List…Are you and the kids all in yet?

Alright, with 4th of July weekend behind us you may be trying to sort out what or how to triage the kids’ camps and daily activities. Here’s an Active Summer Fit Bucket List for the family that would not only help you spend quality time with the kids but also keep them off electronics. Let’s get your kids moving.

Let’s get your kids moving and lessen their blue screen electronic time by leading by example with an active lifestyle without going to the gym. Your kids will be proud of you! These are some easy ways to spend time with your family without spending more money on summer camps–perfect for weekends!

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Family Summer Fit Bucket List:

1. Water balloon fight or tag: traditional 1v1 or kids vs. parents. Try using colored balloons to add a theme.

2. Steal The Water Balloon/Bacon: Traditional Steal The Bacon but kid 1/parent vs. kid 2/parent.

3. Musical Fit Ball: Using an inflatable beach ball or balance ball write an exercise and reps on each colored panel. Then begin Musical Ball game like you would musical chairs. When the music stops the person with the ball shouts what exercise the colored panel his or her right thumb is on.

4. Newspaper Relay: Make 2 teams or more. Then mark Start and Turnaround Mark line. Using a newspaper sheet for each team begin the relay. Be sure to place prizes (sorbet, treats, Amazon gift cards, or other items your kids might be surprised to get or rarely treat themselves to) for the funniest, slowest, most cheerful one. We like using a newspaper for each.

5. Clipboard Basketball: using a regular office clipboard, laundry basket or bucket, and ping pong balls. Partner up. One partner ties the clipboard around their waist using a strong piece of string or ribbon. The other partner is the shooter trying to bounce the balls off the clipboard into the basket. Get creative (fastest to, farthest to, eyes closed or 1-legged). And of course have fun prize.

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