Are You Looking For The Total Solution to Your Fitness & Dieting Struggles?

If you are on this page is because you or someone who cares about your health and overall fitness level cares a whole lot. So CONGRATS!

Years ago we realized and understood the importance of the so magic pill that everyone have been after for decades.
At J.Carlos Fitlab we strive to help you succeed any day of the week and guide you to reach optimal health while staying in shape all year long.
By simply taking one (1) of the active ingredients in the MAGIC PILL (known as exercise), we have witnessed numerous of our clients and friend succeed every day, every month and every year.
This active ingredient is Compliance. And one of the things we mean by that is that we are able to evolve with you via your workouts, your eating, your choice lifestyle and even through your finances stages. At the end of the day, all cross-studio and hybrid fitness facility offers accountability and unlimited support. However, they are missing the active ingredient of compliance. And that's what we are constantly always stirring and coaching at the J.Carlos Fitlab.

We designed our kickstart pack to set you up for success.

Do any of these sounds familiar? 

    • You have been eating pretty good and actually not too horrible most of the year but still struggling to get the next size down.
    • You'd been having a tough time finding a rhythm or that IT on your current workout routine that shows your hard work.
    •  Your hectic schedule is starting to cut into your ME TIME not allowing you to break through the weight loss plateau for the last 2-3 months.

In an effort to set you up for success we designed 3 variables :

  • Schedule/workout time.
  • Eating choices/nutrition and
  • Affordability/accountability.


        It all starts with a private consultation where you will go through a fitness therapeutic assessment. This will reveal the glaring holes that your workout plan will culk.
        You will then also discuss your current daily lifestyle and typical eating habits.
        With all of the above completed we will give you a printed Blueprint of My Sustainable Healthy And Fit Plan to review and act upon if agree.
        And finally you will receive a special access login to our personal training services schedule so you can have pick, enjoy and control the various tool to get back the "old you" you miss from time to time.

The kickstart consist of 4 weeks of private group training.

  • You will schedule up to 4 training sessions ( 30-45 minutes/each) online. *In the event that you are going to be out of town or not able to come in, you will be assigned an online workout video to complete before your next session.
  • You will also get 2 weeks of structure eating choices/meals and 3 private health coaching calls to help you navigate your eating as you make progress.
  • And you will also have unlimited access to our 30 minutes group classes on schedule. ‚Äč