Don’t Let This Happen To You Next Time You Tweak Your Shoulder or Knee Like She Did”

//Don’t Let This Happen To You Next Time You Tweak Your Shoulder or Knee Like She Did”

Don’t Let This Happen To You Next Time You Tweak Your Shoulder or Knee Like She Did”

Are you in your 40's or 50's?
If you are, let me tell you what happen to Katie. Likely this has happened to you.
Katies is a 42 yr old IT manager who was trying to stay active,and decided to venture out and try a rock climbing wall gym.
Then during her 3 run up the wall, the unthinkable happen
That Pain That Goes All The Way Down The Side

In a snap of a finger, she slipped and hurt her collarbone & shoulders.

When going for her 3 run up the wall, the unthinkable happen to Katie. 
In a snap of a finger she slipped and hurt her collarbone & shoulders.
You know, how everytime you try to get healthy and active something happens that sets you back. Well, that's what happen to her except she made a shift this time.
You see, before trying to get all healthier and active lifestyle Katie struggled silently with her weight.
However, after this injury Katie became happier, she is more emotionally confident and also 41 pounds lighter.
Now, as you know, <<Rome was not built in a day>> .However, they were lying down bricks every week.
After months of shoulder rehab injections and medications, Katie realized she had gained over 30#. Unfortunately, following the licensing bylaws, her rehab was coming to an end. In other words, she was consider normal despite the limited use and intermittent pain.
Katie's frustration with her mobility & strength in addition to her weight gain pushes her to inquire about other options.  Luckily for her, her PT had a good network.  So he directed her to JC Fitlab where  she immediately got an online initial consultation. 
What happen after 75 minutes of Q&A and therapeutic assessment was going to pivot her beliefs and well being around. She received a step by step process with timeline of what would her therapeutic and weight loss program would look like in the worst case scenerio. She asked " how come you are given me the worst scenerios?'
The reply was simple, " We are here to support and celebrate the smalls wins with you but our true skills, services and tools are to ensure you don't get stuck or fall off your wellness & fitness pathway.
Fast forward 2 years and 41# weight loss, she has not only resume her active sport & adventure lifestyle but her overall persona is stronger and more clear than ever before.
Have you ever had an injury set you back?  Or perhaps you get on a fairly good program just to find out 4-6 weeks down the road that is more expensive than you expected? 
If you have experience or dealt with anything like that, I want to invite you to come and try the upcoming 10-day Lose It Challenge. Now, keep in mind that at the end of the challenge you will get an offer that is based on your level of committment to your most pressing issue. It might weight losing belly fat, get stronger after an injury or perhaps resume your favorite recreational sports.
Regardless of what you decide, you will receive your Wellness Fitness Blueprint absolutely FREE at the end of the 10-day Lose It Challenge. Ready to get a taste of what your life can become after only 10-days?
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