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/Nutrition Coaching to Fuel The Body for Health & Weight Loss

The Ultimate Proven Remedy for the Cold Flu – Even if you tried the classic ones.

The following is a proven cheat sheet of what you must do if you want to avoid spending days in bed [ or on the couch]  with the cold-flu leading to the dreading bronchitis. Click here and get your copy to kick the cold-flu out and get back on your feet.

Fitness Expert and facility owner reveals the baits use to reel you in the New Year

What if told you that the average American diets 4-5x/year? Would you believe that the average person spends 10-15% of their income trying diets, detox and other ways to get to a healthy weight? You are probably wondering why me, a fit pro and business owner is telling you. Is almost like I'm telling you [...]

3 Things To Do This Holiday to Avoid The Spell of the Gringe

If you think this is the year you guys are about to turn down the handful of social invites coming your way...well, read on to avoid falling under  “The Spell of the Gringe...”   Maybe you are more than ready to back off this year from all the on your holiday hustle and baffle with [...]