Are You Simply Feeling Exhausted 
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If feeling good on the daily basis and toning up your body without stressing over falling of your diet have been your goal, please keep reading.
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Would you agree that time, money and consistency ​​​​are among the top 5 reasons most people don't follow through in any area of their life.
I'm here to help you with those 3 mentioned above so you can take care of the other 2.

Can you guess what the other 2 are?
Now, in order for me to help you, you got be willing to invest 6 weeks to better your health while getting back in shape and losing weight.  And I"m using the word invest because you will get actual monetary return of your investment. 

Getting Back Into Shape And Lose 10 Before 

The Next Holiday 

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Not Enough Time? 

I know time is a huge constraint for you. So using my Family & Friends Meal Plan you will not only lose the weight but you will enjoy delicious meals without feeling ashamed or embarrass. Plus, you will have access 24/7 to meal plans, recipes and even workouts so you can ease off even more time constraint--Right?


Is Too Much Money?

Have you ever heard, " Fat for Cash"? Well, in a nutshell that exactly what it means. For every inch you lose you get  $25 of your investment back...Pretty cool, right?!
And, not only that but you have 6 weeks instead of the cookie cutter 21-days quick fix you see on those Facebook fake-fit pro ads.


But My Body Is Not Ready?

Do you remember the great Michael Jordan?
Well, did you know that as gifted as he was back then, he had a coach all throughout of his career?
You might not be MJ , but you need and you'll get a coach and trainer with over 20 years of clinical experience in physical therapy & sport biomechanics throughout all of the 6 weeks.