Because you and I have worked together 

or crossed path this year

Plus this is what would keep you going and moving better

Can we both agree that at this stage of your life, is best to focus on this one thing so your body

moves better, feel stronger, and looks good?

Listen, getting old & suffering doesn’t have to speak of in the same sentence unless

If the main problem is tackled head on things can be easier.

And the main problem is trying to handle simple body issues with complicated body solutions

After working over 2 decades in the fitness industry and physical therapy I wholeheartedly believe that working on

your Core Synergetic Pillars is a must.

Yes, cardio is good. 

Lifting weights and yoga is necessary as we get older.
However, if we were to reverse engineer how we want to enjoy our free time nowadays… more things would get done and less time be wasted on non-critical things.

And here is the truth--Ready?

<<The time you have to enjoy yourself should be greater or the same as the time you spend preparing your physical demands/requests.>>

Is like trying you trying to withdraw from a bank account [ your body]  when you have not made a deposit.”

And I’m sure we both know what happens when you withdraw more than was deposited.

That’s when the Core Synergetic Pillars come in.

There are 3:

  1. Core Mobility
  2. Core Strength
  3. Core Stability

Think of these like your savings acct, checking acct , and CD or ROTH accounts.

 What if you were to confidently schedule your golf trips, hikes, and other leisure trips 2, 3, or even 5 months in advance knowing that your Core Synergetic Pillars were ready?

And even though nothing is a guarantee...

Imagine having your own ATM card of personal health advisor trainer [ PHAT] for whatever, whenever your body wants to throw you outta your active lifestyle.

That is what working and having me as your coach & trainer at your fingers is like.

What is the Bundle 14 Plan all about?

This plan is for people who go thru ups and down with their physical/fitness when they are about to or when doing one of their favorite leisure activities [ golf, hikes, tennis, pickle ball etc].
During the course of 12 weeks you'll have access to me, my resources and a like-minded group of people.

 You’ll have 24/7 access from anywhere to your routines, tutorials, and resources via my mobile in-app dashboard.

Plus, this plan is about you making progress vs just being content with status quo.

So you should be feeling and seeing changes every 3-weeks. Now, these changes are critical to helping you & me navigate the next level of your program.

One thing we do not want to experience is stagnation.

You don't want to feel like you’re stuck, hence the weekly traction check-in that's put in place.

With over 2 decades in the fitness industry and 12 years as an experienced manual PTA, I am certain that working together will lead you to your best and pain-free lifestyle.

What's all included with my Bundle-14 Plan?

  • Regular Postural Screening so we can both objectively see and review any overlooked deviations in your skeleton alignment.
  • Biomechanic-fitness Assessment will dictate how your first batch of exercise would be based on given any compensatory movements. It will also reveal the best option to restore flexibility for ease of joints and movements.
  • Traction-accountability Coaching allotted time is a requirement for us to work together and see progress. 
    Life gets chaotic. However, even within chaos, one should find some structure. This weekly line of communication will help you get traction when things get muddy or blurry on your end. It will also help you & me stay on track and accountable toward your chosen milestone.
  • Twelve weekly Livestream Workout session is meant to challenge your progress with the home workout. At the same time will serve as the one session you can ramp up your intensity because I’ll be there to cue and modify anything as need to.
  • Hand-picked exercises to create your ideal workout routine. This means that these are not unlike many workouts you see out there, where a 20some-year-old is doing a cool move leaving you clueless.
    These exercises are hand-picked after your assessments and screening based that a 70, 60, and /or 50-year-old with certain limitations can complete.
  • 24/7 access to your In-App dashboard access to share, track, and/or modify your current program.
  • Ongoing coaching & support towards your North Star Milestone.

So are you ready to get your active lifestyle pain-free and more full of energy?


    1. Please keep in mind that the Live Weekly Workout timeslots are only on weekdays between 6a-9a PCT  
    2. And this offer to you expires on 12/31/22.

And when you pay in full you'll automatically get 15%off to any 2023 Golf & Fitness Retreat sessions.

Golf & Fitness Retreats 2023

Again, when you get your Bundle 14 Plan this is what you get:

  • 14 online sessions you can schedule at any of the available timeslots
  • 12 weekly coaching sessions.
  • 3 group coaching call to help & share your opinions with others who might be trailing a bit behind you.

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