7 Questions You Should Ask Any SW Portland, OR Personal Trainer Before Becoming a Client

//7 Questions You Should Ask Any SW Portland, OR Personal Trainer Before Becoming a Client

7 Questions You Should Ask Any SW Portland, OR Personal Trainer Before Becoming a Client

7 Questions You Should Ask Any SW Portland, OR Personal Trainer Before Becoming a Client

What Clients are they typically successful with?

If you have a hair salon you frequent, then you know they have shampoo girls, highlights/color treatment specialist, and hairdressers among other things. Well, the fitness industry is pretty much the same. Each of us that are certified personal trainers go thru the same health and fitness education and certification process. However, once certified a skillful certified trainer tend to spend a solid amount of time and education budget crafting one specialty.
I am sure, if you go to your hair salon you do not want the hair treatment specialist who has not cut in strand of hair in 3 months cutting your hair.
For us at JCarlos Fitlab, we know we excellent at working with those overcoming an injury or wanting to resolve a specific pain that is limiting them from getting back to working out and getting results. Yes, we can and know how to get people in bikini shape, or ready for a half marathon. But we are masters at making sure you resolve any pain/limitations that are holding you back from doing those things that gives your life.

When is The Best Time For Me To Workout With A Trainer
In Order To See and Maximize My Results?

Many times in the excitement of getting a workout program going and getting ready for an important event or occasion you may lose sight of what it entails to add a structured workout to your schedule. And the worst part is if your trainer only have 6a and 5:30pm timeslots to work with you. Trainers may tell you that you lose more fat in the morning or you can get an after burn by working with them after work. But the truth is the best time to workout with a skillful trainer is when he or she can blend in with your busy schedule. Why are we going to add another stress spoke to your schedule? At JCarlos Fitlab, we strongly believe on making things happen. And one of the ways we help you overcome the stress of missing your workout appointments is by making it online accessible 3 months in advance. Listen, we have 3 kids and run a business while keeping an eye on grandma and pops 1000’s of miles away. So we know busy. By giving you access 3 months in advance to all the availability you can create your success and begin to see the light week in =, week out as you make your appointments and show progress, After all, you gotta show up in order for us to be able to help you get results.
Don’t become the 6am or 5:30pm client to a trainer. Be the success in progress day in, day out.

Ask For- What Training Style They Will Be Implementing?

This is a very important question that most average exercisers forget about and eventually leads to “Absent Mojo” or worst non-compliance. I explain this for you by using Cathy one of our clients as an example.
Cathy is 46 years old banker who despite repetitive shoulder injuries wanted to lose 18 pounds. So Cathy decided to join a hot yoga studio because jogging caused her shoulder to be more painful. Upon signing Cathy was told that doing the hot yoga will melt the fat she wanted to lose and that attending the yoga classes 3-4x/week will resolve her shoulder pain. After 3 weeks of classes Cathy realized that she was not losing weight, her shoulder pain continued and her hormones did not care at all for the hot yoga ambience. Slowly Cathy faded away from attending her yoga classes and with that her shoulder pain worsens as so did her weight.
Today, Cathy has lost over 12 pounds doing something that she enjoys after a long day of work—boxing and muscle strengthening. However, to get Cathy to this point, we laid out our “Getting on The Same Page” plan. Here we simply discuss what and what not you are willing to do during and away from our studio. We also explained that first and foremost we will clear any medical issues with her shoulder. This lead to Cathy doing a lot of shoulder stability exercises before strengthening. Along the process Cathy had pointed out her not liking to use barbells. And so for the first 4 months, no barbells (or animals J were harm).
So be sure before you start your first workout session, your trainer has a plan that you agree on and an effective way to see you successful at it on the consistent basis.
Does Your Trainer Follow an up to date Science-based approach or Does he/she delivers the latest Shape Magazine Workout?

3 out of 5 trainers rely on the latest media hype to keep their clients happy. This leads not only to inconsistent workout but also to no results. I admit is tough to keep our clients clear from the latest Dr. Oz diet or Madonna’s workout regimen. However, when we sit with our clients to draft and agree on the “Getting On The Same Page,” we commit to utilizing science-based approach to deliver the results you sought out to get from us. And yes, our exercises may have that primal –unorthodox appeal, but is what we design specifically for you—after all it is personal training…
How often would you re-assess and review your program?

This is a critical question that I want you to make sure to get an answer. Good trainers will complete a very comprehensive assessment during the consultation. Great trainers, will re-assess and review your program periodically. But at J.Carlos Fitlab (the best trainers), not only re-assess, review but they will “cross-examine your why…” You see, for us is second nature to fix a joint, a muscle or an “imbalance.” But the most important thing that will drive you towards the best version of yourself is to know your why.
For example, I recently met with a retired teacher that had ongoing shins splints and was wanting to resume running with her friend. As you probably guessed we resolve d her shins splint in a matter of 2 weeks. But we peel the onion to find out why was this important to her. And come to find out, this running buddy was her confident of years and this was the only time they could speak freely with each other about their troubles at home.
Can you guess how many times did she skipped an appointment or a home workout? Her why was bigger than the what.
During our initial and follow up assessment (Profile Recap), we like to cross examine and update each of our clients why. This helps us to improve their mindset when needed and push the workout intensity when appropriate. Remember, we were all 12 years old at one time…

Has Western Medicine Left You Same Or Worst Than You Expected?

Let me begin by letting you know that if you had any experience with western medicine in the past 7 years, then you are likely to feel shorthanded on the way your health should be treated.
And by no means am I referring to politics or insurances. I mean from the personal care and service stand. If you read our story, you know that I practiced physical therapy for several years when I realized during one of my quarterly reviews, we were hurdling patients like cattle just to get a buck. That when my passion for helping others kicked in higher gear and we venture into what you know now as JCarlos Fitlab.
Our root of service is caring. Caring for the cause of your pain and/or problem. Once we work together to get a better picture, we tend to use “primal,” eastern and western approach to help you enjoy and live life in the presence. You might think that we are winging it when in reality we draft a blueprint (Getting on The Same Page), that guide you and us get you there. This blueprint is of course dynamic because of what we call Murphy. Murphy Law. And the beauty of it, Murphy at times gives us a faster and yet effective way to get you painfree to play and enjoy an active lifestyle.
 Created By J.Carlos Valdes, LPTA/CPT 

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