Attention Runners & Walkers
With Muscle & Joint Pain


FREE Guide to help you make the best buying

decision to avoid unnecessary muscle-joint pain. 

How many times you bought a pair of shoes you like but somehow you continue to have that nagging pain?

It is time to get proactive using 5 simple steps. 

By doing so you will find out which shoes are best for you today, right now- NOT BASED ON A 3 YEAR OLD PODIATRIST RECOMMENDATION. 

My name is J.Carlos and I am a therapeutic trainer with over 23 years of experience in the physical therapy and personal training field.

 After helping hundreds of runners, hikers and recreational exercise walkers get rid of their muscle-joint pain I created this simple to use self-test.

 And today is yours absolutely FREE...


Because it will be a disservice to have you sideline this coming season because the onset of pain.

For many years I have told my patients and fitness students that "when the foot hit the ground, everything changes".

The foot biomechanics is often overlooked when PT's and doctors assess knee (or hip pain for the matter). It is one of the reasons why the pain goes and comes when you are running,hiking or walking.

This simple to use guide will take you through 5 simple steps to self-assess before you go off and buy the wrong pair of tennis shoes.

The guide will shed a light on not only your foot biomechanics but also which style (not design) of shoe best suits you.

Please feel free to reach out to me via email ( with your findings or if you would like a video tutorial of this guide deliver to your inbox.