4 stretches to do EVERYDAY

//4 stretches to do EVERYDAY

4 stretches to do EVERYDAY

Frequently, clients, friends and even random people ask me what are some good stretches to do to alleviate their overall aches and pain.
I often refer to our human body as a “mighty fort” that some of us have let crumble as we age.
So just like we would restore and fortify our nearby Fort of Vancouver, you want to focus on your major pillars. by doing so all, if not most, of your aches should feel better hence eliminating those nagging pains.

And if you are part of our therapeutic fitness family circle, you know I preach CONSISTENCY!
It is one of the keys to see change (good and bad).

Please enjoy this video I made for you and practice these 4 stretches (or a variation of them) EVERYDAY, and you will experience noticeable change!

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