3D Core Intensive 14-Day Challenge  

for Golfers &Tennis Players

Muscles Feeling Tighter as Time Goes On? Or Your Core Not Up to Par?

Is it Luck or Opportunity?  

While many think that good players happen to be lucky to be flexible and mobile, and that's why things tend to work out for them...the reality is quite different.
The truth is that each of the good players spends countless hours preparing for when the opportunity shows up for them to play and enjoy themselves.
Luck has little to nothing to do with it.
And this 14-day Intensive challenge is your vehicle to prepare you for the near future opportunities as the season gets near.

Golf Biomechanical &

Muscular Pattern Finder

Have you been duped enough by yoga or workout challenges in the past- and nothing to show for?  This challenge is an experience.

Have you been duped enough by yoga videos or workout challenges in the past yet nothing to show for it?

It's quite frustrating for sure.
I often felt like these workout challenges were "Wham Bang Thank You, Ma'am".
You got nobody to reach out to and course correct me or challenge me if the workouts were kinda "easy".
And so this challenge I wanted to make it a coach-to-client experience.
An experience that you will get and makes you feel taken care of once your 3D-Core blueprint is drafted for your game to change for the better.
After all, you can't spell challenge without change.

Client-to-Coach Acccountability Solution

Children Want XYZ but Grown Ups Plan and Get After it...

Children want XYZ but the grown-ups actually plan and get after it.
And that is the big difference between those that get to improve on the areas that their struggle with and those that keep actually taking ibuprofen and looking for quick fixes.
The 3D core intensive will give you the plan to execute so you can get after it and course correct along the way so you never have to pop Advil after every game.

Your 3D Core Pillars Blueprint based on your assessment.

Play 3 Rounds or Sets Knowing that Nothing Goes According to Plan 

How many times have you tried to get things right?
The fact is that when you follow a plan knowing the fact that nothing goes as planned, then you will learn the patterns that tend to sideline you.
And this part is what makes this challenge intensive in nature.
You & I will identify the muscular & biomechanical reoccurring patterns when you get on the field of play- either golf or tennis,
Then those can be "recreated" to take your flexibility & fitness to the next level and with that your game.

Triple S Approach to course correct along the way

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You're Only as Good as the Challenge You Overcome

While I cannot guarantee or forced you to complete any given task or workout I can do something to ease your mind.

If you show on your dashboard 70% of your effort and still do not feel at your next fitness level... you are automatically accepted into my next 6-weeks FlexiGolf program with a 25% off your registration.

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