3 Outta 5 Things to Look for To Avoid Slip off Before Summer Weather

//3 Outta 5 Things to Look for To Avoid Slip off Before Summer Weather

3 Outta 5 Things to Look for To Avoid Slip off Before Summer Weather

Recently one of my video series touched a nerve with an old time friend.
I going to call her Kiara so we can keep her animosity for what I’m about to share with you today.
Kiara reached out to me because in one of my videos I commented about belly fat and ways to overcome the obstacle of losing it when dealing with a chronic physical limitation.

She shared that her biggest struggle was dieting because she felt pretty consistent with her workout.
I then directed Kiara to complete the Fitlab Method Self- Assessment to see if she can find any newfound information to get her to solve this issue-getting rid of her belly fat. After completing the Fitlab Method Self-assessment, we both found out that her overall cortisol and estrogen levels were off. Now keep in mind that she already exercises and her eating is not perfect but can be a bit improve on.
At that point, the proper advice for her given her situation was to focus on the first 3-rungs of the Wellness Ladder and adjust what she was doing on the last 2-rung [eating alternatives and specific workout routine]. By spending less time on the gym and more time on the other wellness areas of self-care, Kiara would start losing the extra belly fat in the next 7days and for the long term. With that said, I will circle back to this case study in 3-5 weeks to share an update on her progress if she applies what’s on her FREE blueprint.

How many times have you pushed your workouts harder? Or perhaps go all salad and veggies for days on end just to come out short when you look at your waistline?
By having the right blueprint you are able to avoid all the frustrations, tons of setbacks and most importantly stop spinning your wheels doing things that are not design given your current personal situation.
Take the Fitlab Method Self-Assessment here to see what your blueprint looks like given your current situation.

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