Exclusive 2015 Gift Cards!

I want to help you just a bit scratch some important folks that you would love to catapult their lifestyle or may be give them a taste of the amazing things you and I continue to accomplish to elevate your active lifestyle while boosting your health.

What if I offer you gift cards [ 2 or 3] to use as perfect holiday thank you and stocking stuffers for someone you have been wanting to show a little special love?  

As you know we switch our business name from TTN [ Therapeutic Trainers] to J.Carlos Fitlab thanks to Ann E. and Jen's branding expertise and skills. However as I am wrapping up 2015 projects I realized I have lots of unused $80 gift cards with the TTN brand on it. As a small little guy I cannot just throw away out the door all this material. What I decided to do the following- and is only exclusive to you and the active clients [ all 47 of you].

When you purchase an $80 gift card here at a discount , the recipient will receive full face value. 

So for example, Jen gets her book club friend an $80 gift card but Jen only pays $49[ exclusive discount for you only]. When her friend comes in to meet with me for her fitness strategic session she can then choose to apply it towards any of my personal training services or fitness classes.

And to thank you for participating on this Exclusive Holiday Gift Card special,  you will receive $80 off your next month.

Please be aware that this gift cards are Not to be used towards your own personal training services or fitness classes.

I only have 35 of these so to be fair, only 3 per person and only 1 gift card per recipient.

And of course, if you can take action before next Friday December 4th. ,Santa Carlos will thank you for helping get a few                           things crossed off his naughty or nice list.

Fair enough?

If you don’t seem to have anyone on your list right now that can better their health, then you can still get it and gift it anytime before March 2016.