200 Pounds and coming down

//200 Pounds and coming down

200 Pounds and coming down

The 200 lb Challenge is off to a GREAT start. We have 10 very cool and fun people (see Fun Pix Mural Wall at our Studio) doing it this first time around.

This weight loss challenge is about support, accountability, and realization.

Support: Having a team on your side (at home, work, and all around you) has been proven over and over to be an effective way to make steady and noticeable weight loss. Just look at the leading weight management program in this country.

Accountability: Weekly hip/waist measurements more than your weigh is an important objective way to track your progress. Remember, you can’t modify anything if you don’t know what you have or what to modify. You also avoid the “I know, I know…” self- destructive pattern.

Realization: Using our TTN Eating Healthy coaching approach, we can help you objectively and clearly see what patterns, moods and nutritional areas you are likely to succeed at changing in order to reach your weigh loss goal.

We’ve extended the challenge deadline to Friday June 1, 2012 to accommodate for the number of participants and their individual weight goals.

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