3 Things To Do This Holiday to Avoid The Spell of the Gringe

3 Things To Do This Holiday to Avoid The Spell of the Gringe

If you think this is the year you guys are about to turn down the handful of social invites coming your way…well, read on to avoid falling under  “The Spell of the Gringe…”


Maybe you are more than ready to back off this year from all the on your holiday hustle and baffle with friends and colleagues…

And for that, I commend you…

However, I want you to really succeed and have an awesome holiday so let me share this really quick with you:

<< 3 reasons to start “chunking” to avoid the Spell of the Gringe.>>

Numero 1

Fortified your mind and body by spending the little time you have with like-minded people.

The holidays are a good starting point not only to meet new people but to do an “end of the year people clearance…”

I call it “ extra luggage…”

Let me explain…

If you’d been struggling most of the year, trying to get back on track or find your rhythm, it is likely that 60% of the fault is because of the company you keep around (socially and career).

So it is not your fault….

Give yourself a break and pad on the back for all the small successes you piled up this year…


Here is another way to look at this.

When things at home (even in the garage) are or start to look a little messy, would you agree this causes you a bit of a “mental stress”…

…And in case you don’t know, ” Mess create stress”


But instead let’s  imagine, for a second how serene and quiet your mind would be if you were to sustain a clear and organize environment– at home, laundry room or even in the kids’ room…


Well, the same goes for your state of mind and emotional drive…

Knowing that your social and career environment is “ clean and organize” will elevate your chances to succeed and more importantly to keep the stress levels

[ mental and physical] at a minimum.


The second thing you can act on today to avoid “The Spell of the Gringe” is chunking.

One of my mentors and colleague Dan Martell coined this term when referring or looking at upcoming projects, “to-do list, and even goals.


Most people go thru what I call a “see-song-nuh” diet…

And what that means is that whatever diet trend is circling around they sing praises but eventually make not one bit of lasting progress.

Unfortunately, this kind of behavior taxes not only the body but your “fulfillment tank…”

When you go thru this “see-song-nuh” diet 3-5x per year,  you unconsciously start defeating your motivation, willpower and an overall state of accomplishment…


In order to avoid that you want to “chunk” your seasonal personal projects and vision, you are looking to accomplish.


For example, if you are envisioning taking 1-whole week off in March, it might benefit you to chunk it like this:

  1. Time off /away from work [ complete by February 12]
  2. Housekeeping or winter repairs [complete by January 20]
  3. My parents, kids or both caring delegates [ Finalize by February 20]
  4. Extra money [ $2k]to spend that week without worries.[ Reach by February 20]
  5. Extra money [$2] for travel lodging for 1-week.[ Reach by February 1].


As you see each of the 5-sample tasks are definite and have a short time span to accomplish them.

This format will increase your level of focus so you can really adjust and move closer towards that 1-specific task given…


And trust me as a father of 3 busy kids and solotrepeneur, every single small win is a huge boost to the emotional drive.

Wouldn’t you agree?


The third and last thing for you to do in order to avoid “The Spell of the Gringe” is to set physical emotional triggers…

I call these P.E.T for short.


So you know how for centuries people have worn necklaces, charms and even branded themselves to be reminded that they are part of something bigger than them?

And don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest you go get a tattoo or get your arm branded…lol


However, the likelihood of you staying focus and on track towards that 1-specific task increase by 54% when you wear a daily physical reminder/trigger that has an emotional attachment to your end goal.

Here below, you see one of my P.E.T given to me by one of my fitness business mentors, Todd Durkin.

This was part of the movement to create an “impact” in our communities in order to make a deeper change to help those within our reach…


Now given that “community” is one of my personal values I’m always looking to be involved with, this P.E.T was a great tool for me to stay focus…


At the end of 2015, we impacted over 30 local needy families via our Thanksgiving workout.

In addition, we raised over $2k for the mammograms to those without health coverage.


As you can see, having a clear vision and tools to help you navigate, you are 80% Plus likely to succeed and make someone’s life a little bit better and happier…


Now, imagine you are able to utilize tools like these to help you navigate your nutrition, your mindset, and overall fitness level?

I’m not sure if you can see how more fullfilling and content your life can be…

If so, I encourage you to click here and watch this short video where I share more details and ways you can develop an amazing 2018.


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