The 12 Days of Fitmas

( Monday Dec 7-Dec 19 )

Mindless snacking your

holiday stress and frustrations 

starting to show up on your waist? 
Learn how to avoid that

in only 12 days!!

Get a chance to win over $1000 in prizes.
From Essential Oils & snazzy new sport attire
To Special Fine Dining for 2, Books & Online Therapeutic Training sessions. 

Plus alotta fun goodies.

Online Gift Cards

Athletic Swag

Dinner for 2



Here is Why You Want to

Have a Bit of Fun?

  • Studies showed that year after year semi-active american gains an average of  8 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year. Now, let me ask you- Would you rather wait until February and see how things come along with Covid vaccine delivery and effectiveness in your area etc?
  • For some , that is a good option but you will miss 2 of 4 critical things:
  • Time passed. That is time that you will not get back to work on getting loser to your 2.0 version you know you want.
  • Small piles of frustration is another downside. The ongoing on and off on you how you feel in your skin when you step outta your bathtub and look butt naked in the mirror. You are the only one that secretly can attest to that feeling. Unfortunately your daily actions will reveal your frustrations in regards to it.
  • And another critical thing is your chance to fast track all the fun active adventures that 2020 inactivity and lockdowns robbed you from. You and I know, you so darn well deserve to be physically and emotionally ready for an amazing 2021. Because as they say, "After the storm, the rainbows will come..."
  • If you have tried countless time to change your habits, modify your triggers...then you are missing this- J.Carlos Reveals The Wrong Way And The Right Way For How To Reframe Your Actions (eating) Based On Your Emotional Behavior.

How Does It Work?

Picture Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune ( the TV game show) giving you a chance to win a prize every morning he spins the Wheel of Healthy for the Holiday

You then have a choice ( Truth or Dare) to take on the challenge for a chance to win the prize of the day.

Pretty simple, right?

What Happens when you combine 

Wheel of Fortune with Truth or Dare? 

You Get 12 Days of Fitmas

Mini Challenge-Priceless!

And of course, each day your participate you earn points towards a huge holiday surprise!

The more you dare, the more points you get.

A $239 Value- Yours to Enjoy & Be Part of for  Only $37 

What can 12 days do for you?

The simplest way to explain it is to imagine those tricycle bikes.

The 12 days of Fitmas has a big wheel that you control and direct how you want your healthy holidays to go.

That big wheel we will call it the Emotional Mindless Snacking/Eating Wheel.

The other two wheels are your ACT Wheel ( action changes things) and the TRY Wheel ( Time to Reinvent Yourself).

One wheel will help you clarify any cracks in your workout routine and sleeping habits that if attended to can save you frustrations your personal journey.

And the 3rd wheel allows you to explore and discover how small hidden triggers around you lead you to unconsciously make less than ideal actions given your true self-worth.

Livestream and on-dammed workout $76

On any given day the Healthy Holiday Wheel might stop on a at home mini workout challenge.

The cool thing is it can comfortably and safely burn 400-600 calories from home.

Now, remember -How you do one thing is how you do everything...

Live Private Video Calls $69

 Given the spirit of the holidays and all the fun goodies to giveaway, this mini challenge has Live Video Calls for you to claim your prize.

You also get a chance to have our support and have all your questions answer given your situation. This will help to shed more clarity on your customized training & wellness blueprint.

Macro Attack $27

...Are you fed up and done with counting calories. during this mini challenge, you might have to reveal, learn or find new alternative to fuel your body for the body you want not the one you have. Here is a little secret- no diet plan is involve...shhh!

A $239 Value- Yours to Enjoy & Be Part of for  Only $37 

Bonus# 1

From Mindshift to Mindset (a $27 value) - Recreating the internal true habits that will seamlessly blend with your daily routine.

Bonus# 2

Postural Online Screening ( a $39 value) to identify any significant deviations prior to starting your customized workout regimen.

Here are some past Successful Fitlab Fitmas Friends

What happens after sign up:

Once you sign up, you'll get your private access to the 12 Days of fitness via email .

Be sure to save your login in order to earn point and claim your daily prizes and more.

Then for the next 12 days you'll get an email by 8am PCT with the Wheel of Healthy Holiday Spin result (mindset, fitness and/or wellness task to complete or share).

A $239 Value- Yours to Enjoy & Be Part of for  Only $37 

About Your Coach for this mini Challenge

Before functional training and CrossFit, there was J.Carlos Fitlab -formerly known as TTN (Therapeutic Trainers Network).

A place where folks with injuries or just finishing up rehab could go to get back in shape in order to resume their active lifestyle without aggravating their injuries..
Hi, name is J.Carlos and back in 1998 when I started noticing “frequent flyers” at the PT clinic, my idea to help others wanting to get back into their fun active lifestyle ignited.
You see, we called frequent flyers those patients that somehow keep injuring themselves throughout the year. And, unfortunately, the insurance companies would not consider their overall lifestyle and daily demands when recommending PT or other health-related services ( including massage).
And what started as a part-time in-home training with 4 clients, immediately evolved into a 1600 sq feet facility with over 70 clients..

These past 4 years have not only amplified my vision to help more women that feel outta shape because their lifestyle, their hormones or perhaps past injuries, but it has allowed me to reach many others thanks to my online service and in-person Hybrid training.

So if you are looking for a trainer to count rep or just to get a good sweat on, I am not your guy. But if living a long term healthier 2.0 lifestyle than where you are currently at, Then Let’s Talk.