11 Reasons People in SW Portland Tell Everyone They Know About J.Carlos Fitlab

//11 Reasons People in SW Portland Tell Everyone They Know About J.Carlos Fitlab

11 Reasons People in SW Portland Tell Everyone They Know About J.Carlos Fitlab

11 Reasons People in SW Portland Tell Everyone They Know About J.Carlos Fitlab
Here are 11 interesting reasons why residents of SW Portland love referring the people they care about to J.Carlos Fitlab.

1.      “Guantanamo Style” exercises you cannot how J.Carlos and his team came up with it. But then again, they’ll design the program and deliver the exercises your body needs versus the ineffective cool looking ones.

2.   Keep your friends close and those in your small group training closer. Friendly –Cheers Bar atmosphere in a fitness training studio makes you look forward to sharing and hearing the successes and challenges those you train with bring to share with the group.

3.    J.Carlos and his team ongoing questioning about your why and how you are moving and feeling shows their constant pursue to your success
4.    J.Carlos is known for saying “Actions speak louder than words…”
5.    If you don’t like been call on it or be told like it is, J.Carlos Fitlab may not be for you. It is a non-militant and caring way, you are ask and given things to do in order to make you feel energetic, painfree and living in the present.

6.    At J.Carlos Fitlab you are introduce to J.Carlos 3C Rule given his Cuban-Rican upbringing and passion to led you to live happier with a better you. What are the 3C? Cat Nap, Cuba Libre and Coffee.

7.    “15reps if it feels good or 20 reps if it hurts…”Yup, this is not a typo. Mindset is an integral part of every session and getting you to mentally tune in with your why and execute at a safe but moderate intensity. At J.Carlos Fitlab, we like to invite folks to feel comfortable getting uncomfortable. Is only then when you push yourself mentally and connect your mind and body emotionally.

8.    Have you ever frequent a place where you feel is always happy hour? J.Carlos Fitlab studio is pretty much like that place- except no alcohol is serve. But something that is 100% certain is the ability to turn your frown from the early morning warm bed or the strenuous long day into a smile. Sometime they take you in a music-machine back to the 70’s just to get you to loosen up with some James Brown funk in the middle of your workout. Yup, this guys at J.Carlos Fitlab got SOUL!!

9.    Remember the movie Karate Kid, where Mr. Miyagi will ask his student, Daniel and have him “Wax on, Wax off…” the fence. Well, J.Carlos is your Miyagi and even thought you will not be waxing any boards, you may find yourself carrying some Home Depot PVC pipes full of water ( Slosh Pipe program) as part of your joint stability program.

10.  If you are a parent you know the magic powers of knowing when your kids were up to something. At J.Carlos Fitlab, they know when you are to something that’s not good for the better version of you. You see, your body may feel old right now. But deep inside there still a kid’s body that will show (and spill the beans during the workout session) what you really did or did not do to improve yourself while away. Some clients had called this “J.Carlos Trance Effect”

11.  The training approach that J.Carlos Fitlab takes is one that summarizes the roots of their core services“Make What’s Good, Better and What’s Not Good Yet, Make It Better Than The Best…”.Back in the early days of J.Carlos Fitlab, he found that patients at the time were coming to see him for shoulder rehab. However the other 200 and some other body parts that function and support this injured part were taken care of or worst not even look at. For example, a shoulder patient will come without anyone addressing at the gait patterns and component or daily frequent demand. So J.Carlos designed and crafted 100’s of personalized programs to give his patients a better version of themselves along with a great rehab outcome.
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