Ready To Look Hot
And Sassup Your 
Halloween Outfit to Look Amazing for
This Year's Party?


I've put together a 10-day Workout and Reboot Challenge especially for women 39 yrs and older that will get you noticeable & sustainable results FAST.

This Challenge is Not A Quick Fix.
But it is a Proven 
Breakthrough to Your Weight Loss Plateau 
And More...

A simple but kinda tough workout program to get your fat burning as fuel during and after each workout (especially around the midsection. The program uses science-proven protocols combine with easy to follow macro nutrition strategies to curb your sugar  cravings.

The workout routines take less than 30 minutes/day designed to build lean muscles so you can switch your body from exhausted and stresses to a comfortable and well-nourished fat burning machine.

This challenge yields best results on women 39 and older who had being outta shape for the last 2 years and cannot breakthrough their weight loss plateau.

What Makes This Program Work?


An average weight loss of 5-6 pounds of fat after the water weight loss. Keep in mind that the will be no diet pills or starving diets to yield your results. However, the formatt for this challenge rest our 80:20 rule .


By Day 3 you are going to be amaze what it feels like to eat, lose weight without counting calories or spending hours on a treadmill.

You will get a proven workout blueprint to turn on your body fat burning switch on so you breakthrough the plateau & lie lean muscles.


On  Day 7 of your challenge not only you'd lost inches but you'll be able to pinpoint your true emotional eating triggers and a blueprint to manage them in order to succeed. 

Spooktacular Prize: The challenger with the most votes on their Halloween pic will win a $50 Amazon gift cad so you can order a sexy outfit just in time . 
[Must be among the first 10 registrant to qualify].

Please Do Not Join the Challenge if:
* You cannot complete at least 10-15 minute workout [ at-home or gym] for 10-Days .
* You do not have the time to eat a daily healthy meal for 10 days.
* You are looking for a quick  fat loss without doing the work.

* You are unable to connect on the phone at least 2x within the 10-day challenge to share your small wins and/or receive your next best action steps.

Get Excited For What
You Are About To
Uncover & Re-Ignite

in only 10-Days

You will get a customized workout based on your postural imbalance
and muscle testing results
delivered to your inbox and via our mobile workout app 

When you get the ability get answers to your mental blocks or any other "hiccups" long the way, we give you-
Livestream Accountability Hotseat- 
4-days to be exact.


When maximizing your fat burn and torching calories the most effective and sustainable way is to follow what we call a
<<Keto-Terranian>> Macro Nutrition.

You will get a flexible grocery store cheat sheet to to make things easier and help you choose given your taste buds.
In addition, a sample pack of our Nutritionally Advanced Ketones.-for which you will get a 10-days supplies