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J Carlos Fitlab Specialty programs are designed with the intention of giving you a more result-focused and sport specific program.

The program not only includes a one on one therapeutic fitness assessment but it also has a biomechanical video analysis of your movement to lead you to better sports performance.

Specialty programs are offered only to those who are qualified and are in search of a higher level of expertise that your gym trainer or physical therapist cannot provide you with.

J Carlos Fitlab is designed and supervised directly by J. Carlos himself.

We currently offer the following Specialty Program:

Golf: Hitting the ball straight on the fairway without back or shoulder pain.

  • What to Expect:
    • Core Stability Exercises for the demands of your golf.
    • Golf 3D Flexibility Program to use on the golf course.
    • Multi-joint strength training.
    • Generate superb Rotational Power from the ground up.


  • What you’ll gain:
    • Stabilize and strengthen your core muscles to lower your back and hip pain during and after the game.
    • Practical proven warm up and stretching routine to keep your joint integrity during your round of golf
    • Our golf strengthening program will demand your the best of your muscles, nerves, and joints at once to effectively and consistently deliver great drives at each tee-off.
    • This 3-day clinic will include our FiT-n- Golf Assessment to maximize how your feet, knees, hips, and shoulders would work best to generate more power, improve your distance, and consistency.

    This clinic is regularly priced at $449, but we are offering it at a special rate of $119! (That’s a $330 savings!!) Youre_Going_To_Love_This-1IMG_1105 IMG_1106 IMG_1107 IMG_1127 IMG_1145



    Winter Sports Conditioning-
    Enjoy The Time On The Snow Without Sore Knees or Low Back Pain At The End Of The Day.

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