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What is Private Group Training (formerly known as F.I.T. Camp?
Our Private Group Training (PGT) was originally designed to allow our post-rehab clients to transition to a program that will help them continue achieving fitness results. The private GT program ensures that you continue to implement and progress along your journey like you would with the 1-1 training session. However, you get to share the training floor- but Not their Program- with the 2 other people.
In addition to the lower cost, the private GT stands on the basis of good sound and realistic wellness. And that is nutritional coaching, mindset development, and total body conditioning regimen.

On average, 8 out of 10  participants experience increased weight loss & lasting results when they incorporate our proven training & coaching to their self-care regimen.



Here’s why you should attend Private Group Training:

  • Increase your energy and strength so you can go & give your 100% every day.
  • Get that firm, lean and tight body (the arms, legs, and thighs you always wanted).
  • Improve your metabolism so you burn the calories more efficiently (even when you’re at rest).
  • Slim down your waist and enhance your abdomen area!
  • Look, move and feel years younger!
  • Gain muscle tone and lose unwanted stubborn fat.
  • Regain your self-confidence by increasing the ratio of lean: fat. You’ll be amazed how it gets “the pep in your step”!
  • Boost your personal & work productivity so you can enjoy life & doing the things you love without worrying about reinjury.
  • Drastically lower your stress and anxiety so you can sleep better at night and feel refreshed & rested in the morning.
  • Wear the clothes that you’ve always wanted to without feeling self-conscious.
  • Learn simple ways to ward off cravings and unwanted junk food.
  • Imagine actually looking forward to each workout and not dreading it!!!



 Here’s what we offer with every Private Group Training:
  • Up to 4 training classes per week.
  • A different approach to traditional workouts. If you don’t enjoy it you won’t stick with itso we make it FUN, MOTIVATING & EXCITING!
  • Weekly targeted coaching off the floor sessions to keep you accountable, clear and at peace.
  • Nutritional guidance to help you outsmart your fat cells and take the guess work out of your eating habits.
  • Challenging workouts that are purposely chosen to make your everyday tasks out there easier.
  • No frills, no gimmicks, no wasting time trying things in hopes that they work.   You get straight up results!
  • Money back guarantee: lose a dress/pant size, improve your health, or increase your fitness level,  OR your money back (provided that you follow the program completely).
  • Have great team support and camaraderie, which is crucial to your success.


Getting Started:

Step 1: Download:  F.I.T. Camp Questionnaire     Fitness Wish List     Food Journal

Step 2: Complete & Return to

Step 3: Come to class and be ready for a new you!


Yes!  I want to learn more about how I can improve my health and fitness, and get the results I want from my fitness and nutrition program. I’m tired of ‘spinning my wheels’ and going nowhere, and I’m serious about getting results and reclaiming my healthy, and energetic body once and for all. I am interested in more information about your programs, including Private Group Training. Please contact me to schedule a complimentary private consultation with you (a $79 value)!