“3 Reasons To Avoid Getting a Gym Membership- Even if you are committed to your New Year’s Resolution”

Remember the MTV show, Jersey Shore. The guy Pauly D coined the phrase " Gym, Tan and Laundry--aka G.T.L."/ Well, I'm here to tell why you actually must avoid the gym membership. Actually, there are 3 but only if you fall into one of the scenarios I share with you in this short video. [...]

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4 stretches to do EVERYDAY

Frequently, clients, friends and even random people ask me what are some good stretches to do to alleviate their overall aches and pain. I often refer to our human body as a "mighty fort" that some of us have let crumble as we age. So just like we would restore and fortify our nearby Fort of [...]

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Does Your Neck Hurst When You Are Doing Abs?

Do you or someone you know someone cracks and pop their neck?   If your neck hurts when you do abs, then I know you will find today's post quite useful. Many times, new clients comment how they find abdominal exercises [ and sometimes even their core workout ] ineffective due to their neck pain. The first thing [...]

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